Call It What It Is

When a panda cub died many people mourned the loss of the baby panda. It is such a harsh reality in the wild that some things will live and some will die well before it's time. However, change that to a basketball player's wife getting an abortion and the New York Times celebrates their decision. The baby panda was considered a baby cub. The abortion of a baby is only recognized as a fetus, mistake, a burden that was dealt with so this young athletic couple could resume their ambitions and love story and not have the burden of providing for a second child.

I read the story today on
The Blaze and Both times I read the story I was saddened that a marriage announcement would include the abortion as a rite of passage from hard times to celebration. The ball player is Udonis Haslem of the Miami Heat and his wife. This appears to be another case of the Bro Choice and abortion movement pushing abortion as a viable option with little negative emotional consequence. In fact, this abortion is heralded as a magnanimous decision that helped solidify the couple's relationship. He cared for her so lovingly after she had her abortion.

Bro Choice is an organized movement of men that are for abortions. The men go as far as to share how to encourage or talk a woman into getting an abortion. They also give states that have more lenient abortion laws that make abortions easier to come by. The men want no consequence or emotional involvement with the woman. The woman is almost a toy purely for sexual gratification. How is this liberation? This seems like a fancy way to become a sex slave.
(Here is an article with a video on Bro-Choice.

The man in the Bro Choice movement is taught to "fake" a relationship to have unprotected sex without involvement. The man uses the woman like a common sex worker, harlot, or prostitute. The woman may be unaware of such a cavalier or indifferent attitude. This is not a relationship it is a hoax, mirage, a slide of hand. This is supposed to be progress?

How can we encourage young women to carry their babies when they cannot trust the person they have known so intimately? The media celebrates the termination then walks away from the young women believing that they have cured the woman of her "problem". However, long after the baby is gone the woman suffers. Statistically, a woman is far more likely to be suicidal and suffer mental health problems. The woman will often become pregnant again shortly after to recover the child she aborted. Sadly, many times the woman will abort that second child as well. Often, women that have had abortions are apt to have had multiple abortions.

Realistically, their baby would have looked like both of them. Their baby was protected until they sought surgical intervention to remove the baby. They will never know the laughter, smile, capability, or personality of the child they killed. Was the baby going to play ball like his father or be a runner like his/her mother? In their celebration of the decision they made, a child was forever erased. I will grieve the loss and the loss of the children I will never know.

What resources as a Pro Life community can we provide to women to encourage life? What emotional support can we give? Develop a rapport with women and men. Let us begin discussing life and mentoring. Let us as a community create and foster our Ohana! Let us walk along our beautiful women Let us teach our men to stand tall and offer them hope and resources. Let us open our homes and help them to live with intention.

by Noel
Guest Blogger

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