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If I know where to get the best bang for my buck I can buy more important necessities for my family. I can shop the ads and I can choose where I am going to shop, how much I spend, and if it is worth my time to even leave the house. I can make a wise decision that not only benefits me but others as well. So, why wouldn't someone want to provide you with details to help you make an informed decision regarding abortion?

Well, if you have something to gain, such as money, your motive becomes distorted. You see abortionists make money based on the number of abortions they perform. Perform is perhaps the best way to describe the act that takes place. The
Alliance for Defending Freedom details cases in progress at this time where Planned Parenthood is profiting from abortions and the uninformed victims.

They do not want you to see the baby in an ultrasound
Stuart v. Huff. You might see a baby instead of tissue and change your mind. They do not want you to wait 72 hours before an abortion Planned Parenthood of Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota v. Daugaard. Again, you might have a change of mind and that might mean that they lose money. They do not want to let a parent know if their minor daughter is getting an abortion, Planned Parenthood of the Great Northwest v. State of Alaska. They would rather make money off of the abortion rather than have a parent support their child in a time of need. Keep in mind the school cannot give your child medication without permission, but they can take your child to get an abortion.

According to the Alliance Defending Freedom, there are many cases pending against Planned Parenthood that detail fraud. These cases have ex-employees coming forward. Also, Jonathan Bloedown, a blogger, computer software consultant and prolife Christian discovered Planned Parenthood overcharging Medicaid.
Jonathan Bloedow v. Planned Parenthood of the Great Northwest, Inc., United States ex rel Thayer, Susan v. Planned Parenthood of the Heartland (Iowa), United States ex rel Johnson, Abby v. Planned Parenthood of the Houston and Southwest Texas.

Gosnell was not the only abortion doctor out there performing illegal and harmful acts. If these Nationally known clinics are willing to perform abortions against someone's will such as Planned Parenthood forcing a woman to have an abortion after "change of heart"
Byer v. Doe. What else are they capable of doing?

This is not about "freedom" of choice. The bondage that results from the abortion (maybe not now, but soon or maybe even 5 years later) could cause you to suffer depression, lower quality of life, and a whole host of ailments based on a lie.

They want your money and they will take you somewhere very dark to be able to take it from you.

(All currently litigated cases discussed above with Alliance for Defending Freedom can be viewed on their website:,)

by Noel
Guest Blogger

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