Prayer is a Pro-Life Weapon

Have you ever had someone say to you, “I need prayer”?

We as women who pray have two choices at that moment. We can stop what we are doing and pray with her or say I will pray with you later.

Just recently, I had this very opportunity be asked of me to pray with a lovely lady who was setting up for the young girls Wonderfully Made conference. We were both overwhelmed with our bins of products and decorations. She came over to me and said, “I need prayer, and will you pray for me?”

I stopped everything and invited her to a private area down the hallway, away from all the commotion. Then I proceeded to listen to her request. Her daughter lives in Nevada with a husband who is going to prison and leaving her with their 5 children to raise by herself. To make it more interesting, she just found out that she is pregnant with their 6th child. She was so overwhelmed by her circumstances that she scheduled for an abortion the day of our conference. So we had 24 hours to reach her heart and save her baby. We got on our knees weeping and pleading that God Almighty would rescue this precious grandchild and give a heart change of courage to her daughter.

After prayer, we got up and kept getting ready for the conference. I rallied all the ladies there and we prayed together and promised to be interceding all night. We all went home filled with heavy burden for this baby in the balance and the mother feeling so hopeless.

Next morning during conference, we had no word. I was going to share about A Place for Women to the young girls at 10:20. At 10:05 the woman vender came in with tears on her face.  I was holding my breath and waiting to hear what she was going to say.

She said, “She is keeping the baby, she can’t do it” (meaning the abortion). I just started crying and all who knew did too.

So back into the hallway on our knees we gave thanks and praise for God’s rescuing power! This new baby growing inside of his mother’s womb has already begun writing his powerful testimony of how great our God is at rescue.

As women who pray, God has invited us to bring others into His presence and experience together His saving power. Please don’t miss His invitation.

Prayer is a Pro-Life weapon,

Sue Skinner
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