Can't Sleep . . .

Here it is 12:30 A.M. and I can't sleep because I have you on my mind. I just have this feeling right now you are wrestling with the biggest decision you will ever make. I feel so compelled to pray for you. I am right now praying you will know and hear me! Give me a chance to explain…

You see you have a miracle, whether or not you know it, inside you right now. And, I am afraid for you and the baby. The abortion providers want you to think that your son or daughter is simply cells or tissue. However, while they have tissue and cells, they have a heart, a brain, tiny beautiful wiggly toes, and hands to grasp and hold. These hands that hold and feet that kick feel because they are alive right now. They feel PAIN! Your baby even knows you are sad.

The doctors get paid by you to kill the baby. They also get monies elsewhere to help them continue to provide abortion services. They do not care at times what the baby looks like or what happens to the baby afterward. They have a job to do. I am not sure at times if the mother is even awake.

In this article, one of Dr. Karpen's employees, Deborah Edge, goes into detail about what happens when the doctor decides to end a baby's life that is unexpectedly born alive.

I believe that denial can only take you so far. The reality is that you may emerge much like your child, in pieces, if you choose to abort. There are so many medical inaccuracies that make the reality of the abortion so unreal. Just because you do not feel the baby does not make the baby any less real. Yes, there are circumstances, but you can do this. I know you can. You see, I know that you have faced challenges that have made you strong. You are a fighter. This may be the biggest fight you will know.

I believe in you. I know that the plan God has for you is strong. What if His greatest plan for you was to carry this CHILD? You would be the mother of your baby. Your baby may be a mother, father, brother, sister, lawyer, doctor, teacher, and the list goes on. He/she can be anything because he/she lives!

Please read the article. I know it is not easy to read. However, this article contains a stark contrast to the sterile environment I picture in my mind. I am hoping you will be kind to yourself and your baby. I pray you will become the woman you know you can in spite of your circumstances.

Perhaps in the process of saving your child's life, you just might save your own.

by Noel
Guest Blogger

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