Just a Clump of Cells and Tissue

If you get pregnant, you do not have to worry! If you do not want a baby, it is only tissue, clumps of cells, and not even real. You do not have to worry about it. As a woman, you have rights and freedom. You can have an abortion. There are so many ways you do not have to be inconvenienced. You can even do it at home and just cramp a lot.

Growing up I was told it was nothing. It was not real. It was a dream. It was not even a baby. Roe v. Wade was important for women. We have rights! No more back alley abortions. Now, we can let teenagers 14 and older go to the pharmacy without parents and pick up a prescription.

Actually, there is a baby in there. The baby has a heartbeat. I have seen that baby wiggle and move. I have seen them suck their thumbs, yawn, kick, and pretend to be shy. I have seen a miracle. I have gotten to know a couple of them. I have known what it means to carry and hold a baby.

As a therapist, I have seen women struggle with their decision to abort their baby/ies. They are depressed. They know about when their baby would have been born. They know who chose to end the pregnancy. This freedom people taut, is a form of bondage. It is an emotional slavery. These women come to my office seeing the process of the abortion.

Emotionally the mother may suffer and see the trauma of the baby being aborted. The little boy or little girls they could have had. They see the process of the abortion and often relive the experience. The baby they aborted they see in other children, cousins, and this clump of cells almost had a name. The baby was almost real. Please look at this site and read the stories these women have gone through and continue to go through.

Please read the stories of women that have experienced this process and see if this is the emotional life you want to live for the rest of your life. This is not freedom or women's rights. This is a form of slavery.

You are a mother, not after birth, but at conception.  You have a womb with a child that hears your heartbeat.  If you need help learning to be a mother, there are women that will walk along side you.  Seek a safe place that gives mothers help.  They will be willing to instruct you how to be the mother you may not have had.
You can mother this child!

by Noel
Guest Blogger
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