The Child I Would Have Killed Saved Me

Before I became a Christian, I told my daughter to abort her child as she was not working, not married, and was near eviction.  She said, "Okay, Mom", but didn't. Thank God!

When I went to see her, she said truthful that she did not abort the child. We then went to get an ultrasound and was told she is too far gone into her pregnancy to abort. I accepted that and told her to come home. My husband and I eventually became guardians of Kathy, the child that was not aborted, and her brother, Marcus. 

When Kathy was three, I was reading her a bedtime story and I began to weep, as I was very sad over my daughter's life. Kathy said, "Grandma, don't cry. Jesus is in your heart and he will protect you!" She learned this from her Wednesday devotionals at her Baptist preschool. Here were profound words from the mouth of a babe.  

The very next day was Sunday, so I decided to take Kathy to church. It has been a love affair with Christ ever since. 

Here was a child, thru abortion I would have KILLED, has instead LIVED and SAVED me. 

Kathy today is a bright 12 year old, gifted in music, following the covenants of the Lord the best she can. I have found the Lord leading me to help the homeless and poor, and have formed Jesus Center, a non profit, to help strengthen the homeless and poor in Jesus through Bible Study and an Earning Money Workshop, where we make quilts and crafts (to sell) along with informal counseling. My husband and I have also adopted Kathy and her two siblings, Marcus and Kara. We are raising three children all over again as we near seventy. 

Everything we do is to the GLORY of GOD. Every child in the womb has been created special by the Lord. We have no right to kill it through worldly decisions.

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